Boot Camp Bankstown
If You're looking to Lose Weight, Shred Body Fat, Get Lean, Feel Strong and Tight then our Bootcamp at Bankstown is the way to go.

We understand that starting a weight loss program can be hard. Most people want to see results so they can feel like they are not wasting their time and money. The single biggest killer which stops people consistently sticking to their workout plan is motivation and accountability. All our Professional Instructors are Australian Accredited and Experienced Personal Trainers and Bankstown Bootcamp Qualified Instructors so we know how to motivate and push you so that you feel stronger and look better.

Our Bankstown boot camps are designed for both men and women. For all levels of fitness, for beginners to experienced, for all levels of co ordination and ability. For all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Our boot camps in Bankstown are not designed for people with injuries or health conditions. Please see your doctor before starting with us as our workouts are high energy and fairly high impact. There is some jogging and running but a lot of it is body weight calisthenics and dynamic functional exercise which are the basis for rapid fat loss.

Don't let the name fool you...we are not brutal, but we are passionate about YOU reaching your goals. We are a results-driven Indoor Bootcamp with the benefits of an Outdoor Bankstown Bootcamp but without being at the mercy of mother nature.

Boot Camp Classes Bankstown is a Fun, Results-Based, Highly Energised Workout that will get you into the Best Shape of Your Life in the fastest possible time.

We Also Do FREE Nutrition Seminars as part of this program so You can
Learn how to Eat Your Way Lean
Success doesn't come to you...YOU GO TO IT!
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